“Time is gained not by working long hours, but by making the right decisions”


Denis Lutz

Passionate Software Engineer and Entrepreneur



I like to see software as a house, which is build in a beautiful and simple way.
During my work I follow common sense rules and extend them every day. Here are some of the things I live by:


  • Time is won not by working over hours, but by making the right strategic decisions,
    if you pick the wrong framework at the beginning you fail right away.
  • Everything that is discussed in a team, does not really exist unless there is a ticket for it.
  • Everything you figured out one time, must be documented or tomorrow your team
    member will need to figure it out again.
  • Run through all project steps as fast as possible, to figure out the most dangerous and difficult steps.
  • Right language for the right task, picking of the wrong frameworks is the most common issues in the companies.
  • Automation is the best documentation, automate at least sub-steps with scripts and place them as documentation.
  • Community is an important criteria for the maturity of a technology.
  • Complex code is not something to be proud of, simplicity is the art.
  • TDD helps but in healthy amounts, black box over white box testing and stubs over mocks.