Denis Lutz
Hi, I am a software engineer with 20 years of experience.

Who am I...
  • Masters (German Diploma) in commercial IT from University of Mannheim
  • practical software engineering since 2003
  • proficient in 4 tech stacks, Java, Ruby, IOS, JavaScript (Typescript)
  • founded a startup in Germany and brought it to 80 productive company customers
  • CTO in an automotive company in Prague, Czech Republic
  • freelancer full stack since 2015 with focus on JavaScript/Typescript

What I do...
Project audit
let me audit your code as an independent entity, locate all issues in your project and resolve them in a reasonable time span
Specifically react.js is lacking a fixed architectural approach, I will bring you an architecture that I developed in countless projects
Develop features
bring me into your project to speed up your feature development and stabilize your code base
Test with ROI
a wrong testing approach makes testing either costly or impossible, let me bring my most pragmatic testing strategy to your team before you spend 25% of your budget on it
Coach your team
I will present best practices and coding approaches that your team will love and apply
Kick start project
get me for a short project kick off, make the right decisions at the beginning

Some of my knowledge...
SAP Commerce ( Hybris ) integration tests without platform restart and for free
Appointment booking startup written in Ruby On Rails.
Why its important to be "local first" as a front end engineer and how to do it...
Classical TDD approach explained and some thoughts on it...
My thesis from 2008 about code generation with openarchitectureware and the spring framework...
My pragmatic domain oriented architecture for react.js

Let's connect...
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