Technical Startup Management

Growing up in a business oriented environment given in my family, I was always interested in entrepreneurship and own business ideas. Till now I participated in 3 startup projects, that took each at least 6 months of my full time or more. I strongly believe that the future lies in small, distributed and highly effective teams. Those teams will build their perfect products. The main reason for it is that only if people love what they are doing they can reach the perfect results. Being free and work in any location of the world creates the creativity.

Now to my main project, Termingenie (AppointmentGenie in English). I am the full owner of this project and with it I learned to be an entrepreneur, a software architect and the lead of a word wide distributed team.

The core idea of AppointmentGenie is to offer service providers like coaches, trainers or piano tuners a way to receive appointments online. Directly from the homepage the user can integrate a small script, configure his specifics and receive the appointments directly to his calendar. AppointmentGenie offers a google infrastructure oriented solution, where the google calendar of the service provider is accessed through its API to write the appointments directly into it.


Termingenie taught me multiple topics:

  • operating on a tight budget
  • finding the best talent for the right tasks
  • selection of the right technology
  • things that really matter in a startup environment
  • legal security
  • email marketing
  • SEO optimisation
  • adwords campaigns
  • how much of the business plan you really need and how you should write it
  • dealing with the team in a positive way
  • budget estimation
  • architectural design and strategical decisions
  • UI/UX importance for the customer
  • user support and the importance of it, specifically in Germany
  • the importance of simplicity
  • customer view on things
  • feature selection and prioritisation
  • code review
  • idea evaluation and critical business analysis


At the end I want to mention that if you have a startup idea and need a technical
and experienced partner, feel free to contact me any time. I would be happy to get you to know.