For 2 years I use textmate in non java projects and was only partly happy. In general I am a big fan of short keys for as many operations as possible and a full keyboard control. This got me interested in VIM besides some other things. The switching process itself was not easy since I experienced the following:

  • I was inproductive for a complete week
  • Tired of all the new shortcuts
  • Mad at the complexity of VIM
  • Even stopped using it for a week and started again
  • Basic editor features like the automatic surrounding of strings were missing in the first place and it annoyed me a lot.


I am telling you all this to prepare you, to tell you that others have the same issues as you do and that you can make it! Finally I got used to it and now I am a full time VIM user and don’t want to see anything else.

For those who are still thinking if they should use VIM or not, here are the reasons I see, after I switched to it.

  • VIM has a great plugin community, so any new ideas or missing parts are free to be implemented and mostly already done.
  • VIM has definitely something what I call “The superior way of editing”, it does it in the smart way.
  • You will gain a lot of speed while editing and doing other typical IDE operations.
  • VIM integrates perfectly in the UNIX environment, never get scared again once you have to edit in vim on some server.
  • It will bring you more towards something that I call “console closeness”, this is what lots of programmers miss in our days, specially in the java community since java strongly forces us to use big IDEs


So should you switch to it? My answer is definitelly yes and in the next post I will tell you how to do it in the most easiest way.