Welcome to the blog on interesting topics about software development and things that will make a boring job to an exiting time spending.


What’s the main motivation?

I want to bring you into a state where you play with your computer for around 8 hours, get your money for it and your boss is just happy. You think its a dream? For me usually a reality if you set on the right tools and methodologies.
I have experienced the following tools, languages and topics as very exciting and productive:

  • E-commerce with Hybris and Spree
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Operating System Productivity
  • Ruby as a programming language
  • Supporting or Replacing Java with Ruby
  • Coding conventions and best practices
  • Exciting MVC Frameworks like Rails
  • The VIM Editor and its plugins
  • Build and Configuration management with Rake

So if you are interested subscribe to our blog and lets start the journey 😉