Today I was surprised to see that Magento, one of the biggest commerce plattforms out there, has no automated script to setup itself (show me something more automated if I am wrong).  I was trying to find something but the closest thing I found was a bash script doing it.

So I decided to finalize it myself and get a full setup description for Magento ECommerce on a Mac. Here it comes:

1. Setup LAMP: basically a stack of Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP. I found THIS awesome blogpost to do it. So just follow the steps in here and you will have it setup with Homebrew and in my opinion the best way to do it.

2. Create the user in your my sql database you want to deal with your store database.

For example:

mysql -uroot
mysql> create database magentodemo;
mysql> exit;

3. Now clone the script in a separate folder, this on will just be used as the installation script, it will deal with a separate destination folder for your magento installation.

4. Give rights to the script, e.g.   chmod +x

5. Run the script with   ./   and answer the questions it will ask  you

6. Call your local magento url given at the end of the installation

Done! Tested with even a full data sample load from magento.